12 Aug 2011

teeny macarons

macaron is one of my favourite miniature items. in real life, i only like the lightly-flavoured ones as some of them are too sweet, but in miniature life, they are just so fun to make !! it took me few attempts to make a version that i like, but i'm really really satisfied with the result !!

each teeeeeny macaron is 4mm wide !     

there are many tutorials on youtube on macarons, but i kinda developed my own technique. these little thingys are so small, i can only make a few at a time so that my eyes could rest ! =P

7 Aug 2011

Kimmi's giveaway

Kimmi is doing a giveaway ~ go check her out, her work is lovely !! 


cupcake moulds

i really really have a thing for miniature cupcakes ! i dun like eating cupcakes in real life as i'm not very fond of spongy cakes, but for some reason, miniature cupcakes are just soooo cute to me !!

i dun like the slightly bigger ones people make for charms though, i like the more realistic ones. for quite some time, i've been wondering how others make the cupcake bases small enough with detailed indentations on the sides. i've been trying it myself and failed every time. the indentations would get squashed as i mark the ones on the opposite side. i've also tried various mould-makers but none satisfied me. i've even ordered a custom-made mould too, but i still didn't like how it turned out at the end.

until today, i finally made a cupcake mould that i really like !!

here is the cupcake made from the mould ~ totally satisfied with how the indentations turned out !!! =D

here're the moulds that i've been trying with ~

here's the famous blue putty mould. first of all it stinks stinks stinks ! secondly, not sure if it's bcos of the hot and humid weather here, it just kinda melts a bit and couldn't hold the shape properly. i've ordered some new ones actually, though they are certainly not my favourite thing to work with. 

bought this at Daiso (or Jusco $10 shop as we call it here), has anyone seen this before ?? the instruction is at the back. have to soften it first by putting it into the hot water, and then you can use it just like any mould-maker and it will air-dry. i have only used it once, the hot water thing was too troublesome. =P   

so actually, the cupcake was made with the good old polymer clay. although it's not flexible, the clay could easily come out with a bit of talcum powder, so it's not a problem. in fact, the hardness of the polymer clay held the shape of the indentations nicely. very happy with the result =)

i used very small bottle/tube caps to make the bases.
did anyone else go through all the trouble to make a nice cupcake ??? or was it just me... =( anyways i am happy now ~~ sometimes u gotta experiment with things, it's a learning process ~


hi hi hi ~~~ a warm welcome to my little mini world !!

if you've been here before, you might have read some of my old posts. i've just deleted them all !! =P yeah well... i created a new banner and wanted a new fresh start ~ besides, i haven't had a chance to introduce myself in the "old version" too ~ so let's start all over again =)

so hi ~ my name is Belinda and i live in Hong Kong, a little island just to the south of China. i've been playing around with clay and crafts for over 10 years now, but it has just been an on and off thing because most of the time i was busy with study, exams and work. it's only recently (in fact, just started from this past one week !) when i've completed all my exams and can have more free time to play with my crafts !!!! (super excited ^O^) i work in a busy public hospital here as an obstetrician (+ gynaecologist) with overnight duties 6 times per month, so life has always been busy for me ~ now with exams all done, hopefully i can work on my crafts more, try out and improve some of the techniques and MAYBE start an etsy shop later =) (dunno, just a thought ~)

anyways, thanx once again for visiting this website ~ hope there will be something that you like here ~ =)

this is me a while ago ~ i'm an iphone lover now ! =P