7 Aug 2011


hi hi hi ~~~ a warm welcome to my little mini world !!

if you've been here before, you might have read some of my old posts. i've just deleted them all !! =P yeah well... i created a new banner and wanted a new fresh start ~ besides, i haven't had a chance to introduce myself in the "old version" too ~ so let's start all over again =)

so hi ~ my name is Belinda and i live in Hong Kong, a little island just to the south of China. i've been playing around with clay and crafts for over 10 years now, but it has just been an on and off thing because most of the time i was busy with study, exams and work. it's only recently (in fact, just started from this past one week !) when i've completed all my exams and can have more free time to play with my crafts !!!! (super excited ^O^) i work in a busy public hospital here as an obstetrician (+ gynaecologist) with overnight duties 6 times per month, so life has always been busy for me ~ now with exams all done, hopefully i can work on my crafts more, try out and improve some of the techniques and MAYBE start an etsy shop later =) (dunno, just a thought ~)

anyways, thanx once again for visiting this website ~ hope there will be something that you like here ~ =)

this is me a while ago ~ i'm an iphone lover now ! =P

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  1. Your very pretty :)

    Glad to see you like my miniatures too :D